Pressure washing is another of those services that we provide that will make a maximum impact on the appearance of your home for a minimal cost.

The exterior of your home is exposed to the elements 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It only makes sense that dust, dirt, pollen and mildew will eventually accumulate on your home until it looks… well… unsightly.

At Allied we don’t simply wet your house down, hand you a bill and leave without ever even getting on a ladder like some of our many competitors.  We get up close and personal with your home.  We remove as much grit and grime as possible so that when we’re finished your home looks almost as bright and clean as the day it was built.

Most of our customers sign up for our Annual or Semi-annual reminder service. You don’t call us. We call or e-mail you. This way during your busy schedule you never forget to have your home cleaned.


When we arrive at your home, the first thing we’ll do is remove anything you may not have already moved for us that might get damaged during the cleaning process. These are usually small items like potted plants and wind chimes etc. If necessary we will also move all larger items such as patio and porch furniture, charcoal grills etc.
Next we will set up on one side of the house and work our way around. We will first spray a diluted solution of cleaner or bleach to facilitate the removal of stubborn grime and then we will pressure clean. We will spray all vinyl and aluminum surfaces with high pressure and spray all wooden, painted or screened surfaces with lower pressure to knock off the dirt without causing damage.

Once completed, we will return all items or furniture to their original place.
When you receive our invoice we will also note any parts of your home that might need attention or repair. It’s like getting a free inspection with your pressure wash! 

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