One of the easiest ways to make a maximum impact on your home with a minimum investment is painting. A dull, dark or depressing room can be transformed into a warm and inviting living space, usually within a day.

While most people may believe that painting is “easy” and some homeowners might attempt painting  projects themselves… Painting correctly requires patience and considerable skill. My Father used to say “If your not going to do something right, don’t do it at all.”

At Allied we can provide you with the professional results you desire. We will start by moving furniture if necessary. We will remove all window treatments and fill all holes and repair any minor imperfections in your walls or woodwork. We will remove all outlet covers, mask all windows and hardware, and cover floors or carpets before we apply a single stroke.  Once your room is properly prepared we will begin by priming, This is the most important step to guaranteeing a beautiful job. Once the primer has dried we will apply 2 coats of paint. Two coats will ensure a uniform color throughout the room. Once the room has had adequate time to dry we will remove all masking materials, replace outlet covers and window treatments and return all furniture to its original position in the room.

At Allied we do interior or exterior painting as well as faux finishes and custom colors. Please feel free to fill out our estimate form for a rough quote.

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