Some folks enjoy landscaping. There is a great sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with designing your home’s landscape.  By choosing the right plants and natural ground covering you can transform your home to reflect your personality and to make it unique to your neighborhood. If you are retired or simply enjoy spending your weekends in the yard you can achieve wonderful results all by yourself.

However, if you wish to achieve these results for your home, but are neither retired nor inclined to become a gardening enthusiast… Allied can help.

At Allied we offer a variety of landscaping programs designed to keep the homeowner involved in the process. Whether you wish to have a complete landscape package or simply weekly lawn maintenance we have a program that will exceed your needs without taking too much green out of your wallet.


This package is meant to transform your home’s appearance completely and then keep it that way. You set the budget and we will work within it. The largest portion of your budget will be allotted to the installation of plants, groundcover, walkways, ponds, statues, sprinkler systems, fences, arbors etc. If you are working on a limited budget, we can set forth a plan to add all or some of these elements a little at a time.

The thing with landscaping is that every element we install will need some degree of maintenance. This package is designed to set aside a portion of your budget to just that. We will, on a weekly basis do what needs to be done. Whether it be cutting the lawn or the trimming of plants, to fertilizing or pond care. We will do it all to keep your property in tiptop shape. The cost of this package is usually set somewhere around 25% of your home’s value.


This package is designed for the homeowner who enjoys doing his or her own maintenance but who would like Allied to do most of the heavy lifting. We will give your home the magnificent transformation as described above and then leave the maintenance up to you. 


You already have a beautiful landscape but don’t have the time or desire to maintain it… The Brookgreen is meant for you. We will come twice a year to do major cleanup, mulching of beds, annual plantings, opening and closing of ponds, and irrigation systems etc.
We will also have you on a scheduled maintenance program. We will either come weekly, every ten days, two weeks, or monthly to care for your landscape. The frequency of our maintenance visits will depend on the needs of your landscape and of course the needs of your budget. Maintenance will include: lawn cutting, trimming, weeding, pruning and fertilizing as needed.
This service will keep your landscape in great shape and your neighbors envious!


This package is our most economical package. It is meant for the homeowner that doesn’t have a great love of elaborate landscaping or simply isn’t prepared for the financial obligation of such.  You do however want your simple landscape to be kept up to par without having to spend your weekends doing so.
Your home will be scheduled for maintenance weekly, every ten days, two weeks, or monthly. The frequency of our visits is up to you and they will include:  lawn cutting, trimming, weeding, pruning and fertilizing as needed.

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