Carpet Steam Cleaning

One of the most important and most overlooked aspects of housekeeping is carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is not only about keeping your home smelling and looking fresh, but it’s also about preserving the health of your family.

When I think of the importance of carpet cleaning, I think of it this way:  Imagine laying a pure white towel in front of your door and leaving it there for a week. What would it look like? Now imagine that same towel lying there for a month…two months…three months?  Now imagine your toddler picking that towel up and rolling around with it, rubbing his face with it, putting in his mouth… What would you do?  The answer is simple. You would immediately get that nasty, filthy towel away from your toddler and throw it in the wash. Of course you would, because what is more important than the health of your child?

Now imagine that your carpet is a giant white towel.

I know this image may be disturbing but I feel it is necessary to get across to you, the homeowner how important carpet cleaning is. The problem with most of us is that when things are out of sight, they are out of mind. If we can’t see the dirt, we assume that it’s not there.

The truth is that your carpet is a dirt trap. Any dirt that comes in on your feet, finds it’s way to the bottom of your carpet. Your carpet is also a breeding ground for dust mites and many other microscopic allergens. If your family suffers from allergies, it is of vital importance to clean your carpets regularly.

That’s why at Allied home Services we offer carpet cleanings that are geared to suit your family’s needs.


This is our premium service. Before we ever shampoo your carpet, we vacuum it with a Kirby. Kirby has been known as the best home vacuum in the world for over 100 years.  It’s hepa filtration system removes 99.97% of all particles under 1 micron in size from your carpet! If your family suffers from allergies they will notice an immediate and profound difference in the quality of the air in your home after our service.

Only after we have thoroughly vacuumed your carpet will we proceed with your carpet shampooing.  Before shampooing we will pre-treat all stains and heavy traffic areas. We will lift any light furniture and place Styrofoam blocks beneath it. This service costs a little more but your family’s health is worth it.



This is our revolving service. We place you on a revolving service according to your needs. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual service is available. You don’t call us... we call you. These days we all have busy schedules and remembering to have the carpet cleaned regularly, while important… may not be on top of our priority list. By enrolling in the Red Carpet Service you won’t forget and let the carpet go without a cleaning longer than you want to. There is no obligation, this is merely a reminder service and can be done by telephone or e-mail.


This service speaks for itself. If you have un-expected company arriving, are preparing for a birthday or holiday or have accidentally soiled the carpet and just want a one time cleaning, Allied Home Services will be there for you. Our rates are competitive and our service is the best!



Do you have small children or pets? While we love our children and pets very much they can wreak havoc on our carpets and furniture. For an additional fee we can add Scotchguard protectant to any of the above services. Scotchguard will protect your carpets or furniture against any future spills or stains.

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